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B-Why doesn't he want to stand in? I know family drama can be so stressing, but for a wedding, maybe he should just do it for the sister u know. Oh well. Just start excercising. You know I have a pair of "Skinny" jeans I bought because they were a few sizes smaller and only 10bucks at NY&CO. Still can't fit them, but I think I will eventually fit them, I know I will. It's an incentive, or you what I did....I got my belly button pierced as an incentive for last summer, lol. It didn't work I still look like a big ole fatty BUT now I am serious. Do you belong to a gym? Or do you just have the equipment at home? I belong to a gym, so what I have been doing is going with the intent of staying on the eliptical for at least 30 mins, by the time 30 mins is up, I am so pumped up I usually stay a little longer and do something else. I haven't been that successful yet, but you know it took me a long time to get this big, so I figure a few weeks is not enough time to see the fat melt off. Just start with at least 30 mins a day. And go from there. You have a year, by then you will be a hottie!


"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."
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