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Welcome back.
I too have problems with blah moods in the winter (from basically the day after christmas until January 24--I remember that because I wrote in my journal.) I'm like Aimee and if we have gray days for more than a couple in a row, my mood gets gray as well and I start losing all energy.

What I did to get myself out of the funk was to choose a few small goals (not necessarily food related) to work on. The first one I did was to try for one day to stay under 1600 calories, next I moved my alarm clock across the room and forced myself to get up before 6 a.m. to exercise. I've been doing that for almost a month now and found out that I have tons more energy when I get in my workouts. I also journal everything I eat, every day--even if I have to see that I ate 3000 calories in one day. It helps to keep me focused. I don't plan my meals for the week but I do plan what I want to eat the night before. Since I don't want to go over 1600 I try to "plan for" 1100-1400. Of course I never know what my hunger level will be so I give myself those extra couple of hundred calories in case I want an extra yogurt or snack--sometimes it's chocolate even.

One thing that I've learned in the process is that I know I don't always have the determination, drive, and motivation I will need all the time and for those times I just need to do what needs to be done to get through it. For me this is a forever deal. If I have one bad day, I can live with that. It's when my bad days turn into bad weeks and months that I need to worry.

((((big hug))) You have done wonderful in your weight loss. I have no doubt that you will get back into the swing of things.

Halloween Goal

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