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Evening all! I'm back from my hectic day. On the way home I took dd and I out for dinner. It was nice until the end. THe dumb lady wouldn't let me take Abigails drink home because it was a buffet. I said, I had water and she's 4. She can't finish a drink. they wanted to charge me for it again to take it home. How insane! I said, Fine, I'll just sit at your table for an hour and take up space so you lose another 40-80bucks. I also told her that I felt like spilling it all over her counter, because it was so stupid. I kept saying "she's only 4" You are just going to throw it away anyway" Finally, I just left PISSED and took Abigail to Mc'd's just for a damn Seltzer. DUMB DUMB.........ahhhh sorry, had to vent about that.

Chris, Man, I see how you would be frustrated. The Dr. didn't tell my it was systemic though. I tested positive for female area yeast....and It comes and goes all by itself every month. I did some ready and found that it's probably systemic, since I was on MEga antibodics last year. I also was diagnosed with IBS, which can be caused by yeast also. SO I went to the Health food store and the NATURAL expert there told me to do a cleanse and then a yeast cleanse after If I still needed it. I have to avoid wheat and dairy for 30 days while cleansing. I can eat rice though. SO I bought rice pasta for side dishes. It's pretty good. tastes like regular to me, but you cook it different.

Tabitha, SOOO GLAD you are feeling better.

Penny, Congrats on raising all that money!

Cheri, so glad you are making a healthy pregnancy, it will help so much after for getting the lbs down. Good for you!

Chelle,....Hope you are feeling better. Yes, I know what you mean about Day care. SOOO expensive. We felt it was better being home anyway, and the costs just make that an easy decision for us. have a good one.

Hello everyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michelle, hope you are doing well today! Deana, where have you been? Jilly, where r u? Haven't heard from ya here! Roxy...hello!!!!! Gretchen....where r u...haven't seen you in a few days? KRistin......haven't heard from you either..what's up?

Anyway, GTG, dh will be home from his outing with Bugga soon. Can't wait to here how it went. see ya all in the a.m.

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