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Hi ladies!
It seems to be very slow tonight, huh? Well, I had a little trama. dd#4, Rosalie, had a front tooth so loose that she couldn't eat supper. I told her I would pull it but she didn't want that either, so I ended up bribing her, she still wouldn't let me so finally I showed her in the mirror that the tooth was dead anyway (it was gray) she let me look at it and I grabbed it real quick and it popped out fine! She just said calmly, "oh." It didn't hurt or anything! A wasted hour and all for nothing! Well, at least she can eat now! Argh!

Michelle- I am so glad that you are feeling better! Glad the scale is heading on down

Penny-laundry is going better, I do it everyday though. Celine had an accident twice today, two outfits! Well, three she's in a new one. I don't know what I'm going to do when I don't have anymore diapers to buy and everyone stays dry. I can't even imagine that day! I really look forward to it!I used to do cloth diapers! I can't begin to tell you how much I love disposable ones!

Deana- how's everything going? Are you coming or going? Or maybe both?

Gretchen- where are you today?

Jeniqua- are you hanging out with Gretchen?

Kristin- how is your foot feeling? How is Grandma doing?

Chris- How the weather in oneunderland? Too cool! No, I bet it's hot on the beach!

Jillybean-Are ya hanging out at the beach today? What's on the menu?

Ricci- how are you doing today?

Geri- how's it going?

Cindi- how are you doing, hon?

Well, I'll check in a little later and see if you all are chattier . I know what it is, it the after Christmas, winter slump. We all get it, it's some kind of seasonal disorder brought about by nothing going on! TTYL!
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