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Default Good Morning >...Rise and shine

Good Morning Good Morning! How is everyone today!!!!!!!!

Penny............SO GLAD YOU CHECKED IN. I know you have been crazy at home. I'm am sooo glad Michelle is doing better. We will continue to pray for her recovery! Give me a buzz later if ya get a chance during Karate We've missed you around here!

Jeniqua, congrats on getting in the exercise and feeling those big pants around you. I love when that happens. Maybe I'll ttyl.

Michelle, how are you doing this morning? How was your first day on SBD?

HMmm, Jilly, Where r ya? Are you going to Pilates this morning? Keep up the good work. You'll be at goal real soon!

Chris, glad you checked in. I know it's going to be tough for you for a while and all. We are here for you! Glad you got a chance to sneek in here. I guess you got some hand exercises in while Hope those carpets are done soon. sooo exciting when you get new stuff.

Helloo Everyone else....ANGEL...nice to hear from you. Keep up the good work..

Ok, ready for this. I am down to 195 this morning. I am very happy about that. It's Officially 15lbs since I started at the gym. TOM water gone plus an extra pound too. Maybe it's this flush thing. Who knows. It was weird, because I drank my hundred ounces, but I tell ya, I never Peed this much ever. I guess it's working at getting rid of extra stuff. Have a great day all. I have to get ready. DD's Kindergarten registration is this morning after I drop her off at school. I can't believe she's going to Kindergarten next year....OH where does the time go.

WW Scale fully clothed with shoes. WW 10% goal 202, personal short term goal 199.
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