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Curves 6-week solution
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Hey ladies! Just got back from a good workout at the gym. They are having pilates classes on Tues. and Thurs mornings and I think I am going to start doing them. I think it's the change I need to get motivated about exercise again. I wish that the personal trainer from Extreme Makeover was my personal assistant. I'd be looking good! lol I try to pick up as many tips from him as I can but walking on a treadmill for an hour twice a day is just not feasable. Maybe if I had one here hmmmmm...................... ya right, can't afford that. Anyway I also went tanning again but only for 12 minutes instead of 15, hopefully I won't burn so bad this time. I tan easily but after a long "white" winter any type of exposure will burn me the first couple times. I just feel thinner being a little darker. I don't want to look like malibu barbie (well maybe the flat tummy and boobs, just not her tan) just look healthy. So no volunteering for me today, the school is having an inservice so I am going to clean, study and get some errands done. I have a quiz, a 60 minute presentation and a midterm this week!!! AHHHHHHHH Oh well I will get through it!

Roxy that sounds like a great recipe!! I think I will try it without the tortilla and maybe put it on a bed of lettuce. Sounds good!! I eat a lot of deviled eggs too! I try not to eat too many though cuz then I get sick of them and they are so easy and nice to have on hand. Hmmmmmmmm another baby huh? lmao Your wonderwoman!!

Hi Ricci, sorry about RJ A rash for 6 weeks!! I hope not! That would be great if you joined our next challenge. We would love to have you!!

Kris I'm so sorry about your ankle!! AHHHHHHHHHHH at least you can slow down now right? Maybe that's just what you needed, you've known that you needed to slow down for awhile but I can see that you keep putting it off because you are such a kind and giving person. Sometimes God has to step in and let you know what's up! lmao!! I'm soooooooooooooooooooooo excited that you and lamou are doing SBD!!! I really like it and I think you will too. It really helps with the cravings of the high starch foods that I tend to overeat, mashed potatoes, breads, crackers, chips etc. It's all fine and well to say to eat in moderation (my skinny friend says this) but I think that some people have a harder time with that than others, for example: ME!! I'm with you on polishing off a whole box of cheez its! What's also cool about this diet is that you can live on it. It's not all carrot sticks and rice cakes. I make full on dinners and Ron and Bayley both love. Well, Ron is losing weight too so that makes it nice. He'll just eat whatever I fix. But anyway of course there are times when I am craving something but there are quite a few things you can have that will satisfy you when you need something. Anyway I'm glad you are my beach buddy and call me or IM me if you have any questions or need a snack idea!! I hope your ankle is doing better! Sorry about the book!

Penny I'm still praying for your hubbys cousin. Let us know how she and you are doing when you can. I hope that medicine is doing it's job. Luv ya girl!!

Hi Mel!!! Hope you had a good workout!! You and your 2 hours!! Geez!! Making us all look bad! lol Anyway I know you saw my post yesterday but Shell and Jen kept asking what my WI was so I posted that message. LOL Thanks for the compliments on my pic. We had fun with her there, she's just getting at the explorer age. She didn't like the ball pit though! lol she cried till I got her out, she's too unstable on her feet yet. She'll love it one day though and I won't be able to get her out! Glad you ditched one of those gained pounds! I know how you feel about gaining it back! It sucks!! It will be gone in no time though. Just remember I'm watching you at meal time! LMAO!!

YAY DEANA!!! 2.5 again!! I wish I was losing that much a week! I knew it was going to get harder as I got closer to goal though so I will stick with what I'm doing and hope for .5-1 a week. You are so busy!! Whenever I think I have too much to do I can always count on coming here and seeing that it could be a lot worse! lol, you are so great though. You do so much for your kids and I think that is so awesome. If more parents were like you I think most of the problems of the world would be solved!! Oh and I don't know if you were talking about SBD in your post to Chris today but if you were SBD is definitely not low carb, it just emphasizes the right carbs ex: vegetables, whole grains, fruits etc. The first 2 weeks you are limited but it's only to retrain your body to not crave the high starchy carbs that usually contribut to weight gain. In fact a lot of doctors reccommend it to their patients. That's why my mom started it. She was on the road to either a stroke or heart attack so the doctor reccomended this. Anyway sorry to ramble just wanted to clear that up! lol

Hi Gretchen that's so great about the sermon yesterday. I love leaving church and feeling revived that's what it's all about. Great about Curves and the dog walking too. It's so great that you both are getting some exercise!!

Ok well I have been on her forever! I'll probably submit this and will have missed a couple people! lol Anyways thanks for all the compliments on the pics! We had fun. well off to clean this mess I call a home!! TTYL

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