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Good Morning ladies!

Sorry I've been MIA all weekend....busy as usual. Friday I volunteered at preschool and the kids had kind of a free day, not alot of lesson. They used the time for creativity in the play centers. It was soooo cute, Abby and another girl and a boy were dressing up and playing family . I helped out at snack time and then read 3 books to them. There were only 8 kids so it wasn't too bad getting them to sit and listen. The hard part was deciding on a book....that's why I read 3 of them . Saturday, dh had 3 "customers" come to pick up the rifles they ordered and guess who gets to do the paperwork ......yes that's right, his sexretary No that is not a typo, that's what I call myself as far as the business goes! Sunday, I was painting and then had a committee meeting for our scout banquet coming up next month, and guess what?!? I have even more to do now , as if I needed more on MY plate! Some times I hate being the one that sees that things need to be done and about the only one doing anything about it. But it's for the kids!

This was kind of funny so I have to share! Dh was up for a while in the middle of the night (since he works nights, his off nights' sleep schedule is really screwed up), and when my alarm went off this morning he told me was had a dusting of snow. Well, I looked out and saw we had about 2 inches! I woke him back up to ask him what time he had come to bed, he said about 6 a.m.......I got up at 6:30! We went from dusting to 2 inches in 30 minutes!!! Crazy I tell ya! Kids got up and said I bet we don't have school today, I said I bet you do , they did....yeahhhhhh! And now, 2 hours later we have 4 inches out there! They were only calling for a dusting to 1"...HA!!! And I HAVE to get out today. No preschool though, the teacher called last night and both her and the assistant teacher have the flu!

Penny: Still thinking of Michelle! Hope the meds do the trick! How are you holding up girl!?!

Michelle: WTG on the loss! Keep it up girl, you're beating me to Onederland!

Mel: You excercise machine you! WTG on getting that one pound back off! Don'tcha just hate TOM! As soon as everyone else is done with him I'm sure he'll be at my house!

Chris: Have you checked into other plans to start anew? And logging your intake. Like Michelle has said before, calories in, calories out is the way to go. In mho, low carb robs your body of certain things and I know if I were to try it I would fail because it would make me want those things even more. I pretty much eat what I want, within reason, and count calories. I also try to watch my sodium intake. I'm not always the best about it (hence last weeks salt cravings and giving in to satisfy them). I feel like I'm getting a balanced diet and limiting my intake of calories has worked for me. And I don't really feel like I'm missing out on anything food wise. Just a suggestion. Let us know if you decide on a new plan! How sweet of your dh! Wish mine would do something like that! I've been mad at mine all week for a couple statements he made a week ago, about helping me out and spending time with me and the kids then staying up at night to work in the gun shop! Well, since the new guns came in on Tuesday, I have barely seen him at all! Pishawwwwwww! And he wonders why I'm pissy!?!?!?!?!?!

Gretchen: I'm for you on the job! I am so hoping to get to Curves today too. I haven't been in over a week because of being so busy, and they aren't open while dd is in preschool so I have to work around that!

Tabitha: Sorry you had a bad night! Could you have just told them you didn't feel well and go home instead of toughin it out and ending up crying? Just a thought. Have things improved with dh any lately? Hope so!

Jill: I read your posts too.....this morning! Such cute pics, and look at you HOT MAMA!!! You are really looking great! You'll be at goal before you know it!

Jeniqua: Hope your tooth is better today so you can get some nutrition in you! I know, Wednesday won't come soon enough, but WooHoo on the insurance! Glad your son is doing better! How's dh doing since his hospital stay?

Roxy: WHAT?!?!? No leftovers at your house? Imagine that! Of course we don't have many here either. Too many males in the house that are skinny beyond belief and can eat a horse at one sitting

Kristin: I know you're there somewhere! Hope you had a good weekend. How's the weather up your way? Still thinking of your family and hoping everything works out for the best!

Kirsty: So sorry I can't help out with the pregnant and weight loss issue. I stopped getting preggo over 5 years ago and didn't worry about my weight til recently.

Cindi, Geri, Steph, Stephanie, Spryng (where are you, we miss you! ), . Hope everyone is doing well. Stop in and let us know!

Well, I better get with it. It has taken me almost 2 hours to type this out with having to get breakfast for dd and let the dog in and out to play in the snow! He's a beagle and it's sooooo funny to watch him run aroundin it like a nut! He would be great at catching squirrels Too bad he isn't as good at running rabbits

I'm going to try to jump in the shower and use my new hair care product I ordered off tv. It's called Nutra Renew. Anyone heard of it or used it? It's supposed to make your hair more manageable and soft and silky so you can run your fingers through it. I need all the help I can get, if I run my fingers in mine now all I get is my fingers stuck! Wish me luck! Hope this stuff works, for what it cost it better!


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