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GOOD MORNING LADIES! I THINK IT'S GOING TO BE WARM HERE TODAY......IN THE 20'S THAT IS....SICKENING. ANYWAY, I posted on yesterdays thread and then started this one. So, JIll, Jenny, CHelly, Penny, Chris, I got personal there.

Anyway, I plan to be a nut this week at the gym, for three reasons. 1, because it's the last week of the challenge, 2. because dh will be away and I want to make sure I get that little bit of time to myself so my brain doesnt' explode from the whining, and 3. Because I felt like a slacker last week, not doing my full workout.

Chris, join me in some extra exercise. You were doing so well. We were neck and neck in the challenge for a long time. Come on rack up some extra points this week, push that water out of your system. Anything can happen this week. Final weigh in and Final inches done. You can do it girl.

I am going to be drinking water like crazy. I have traing today at 11, which is later then usual, so I think I'm gonna do my challenge home, and some additional. Then do training and cardio at the gym. I'm hoping to do a full 2 hours plus the challenge. We'll see what happens. Have a wonderful day gals.

JIll, Hello Hello hello! GUess what....I read your posts. I saw those beautiful pics of you and Bayley. I'm teasing you. I just wanted to make sure you saw my post to you, so you don't think you were left out. Hope you had a nice night. Congrats again on the weight down. I can't wait to see you weigh in this up coming week. You'll be 142 or under.

WW Scale fully clothed with shoes. WW 10% goal 202, personal short term goal 199.
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