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Encouraging you all! I am on the up swing right now with day 5 of Phase1 restart. But I have been on the down swing of eating and never being satisfied. Hugs to you all. I am hoping that I can stay focused and follow this through til the end this time. I have a hard time staying on task. I have always heard it takes 21 days of doin somethin to become a habit. Well I can usually hang in for about 21 days but then I lose intrest or forget. So I am not real sure about that way of thinkin. Now everyday is a new day and it is my choice of how I choose to live. Wether it is a good day or a bad day I have the option of what I do about it. So I am gonna try to get in the mind set of that is awful I think I need some brocolli! lol If I have to I'll sprinkle some splenda on it and call it brocolli pie. I know for me I have to make a life change or when I reach goal I will just end up gainin it all back pound by lil pound just like before. I know when I lost this first 26 and people were tellin me how good I looked (mainly family) I started feelin very comfy at this weight and size because I was listening to other peeps but then I started askin myself how I really felt about where I was. Well guess what when I really looked I found that I am not satisfied with stayin here as I am still overweight and a size 10 is not where I want to stay. (I am only 5'2") So for me I am still in the obese weight range. That is not where I want to be so I am in a new mind set that no matter what happens I am only sabatoging (sp?) myself by eating junk to cope with situations and making it worse because then I feel guilty for that junk I ate. So I want to eat good through all situations so they do not become worse. Sorry to go on so long. I hope you can understand what I mean and that it may help someone. Sending pos vibes to us all! (((())))

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