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I can do this!
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Chicks, I know this is hard. Yesterday I was craving maccaroons (I don't even like them, let alone know how to spell the word... )!

Set yourself up for success. Get the mini chocolate chips out of the house. Get all money and credit cards out of your purse so you can't go get fast food. Get someone else to do the shopping. Get the food away from you! Tell all your friends at work that you owe them $10 (or more) every time you take a piece of candy from their desk and ask them to hold you to it! Stay out of the lunch room if there is any desireable food in there. Ask a friend at work or at home to be your buddy. Call, e-mail, or post when you have a craving, rather than eating!

You CAN do this, and once you get through the three-five days of detox, you'll no longer crave and this will be so much easier. Come on, friends, you CAN do this!!!
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