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Morning ladies! It is sunny and starting to warm up here. I guess my hometown is in a real mess. They got so much snow that the river is jammed with it and ice and is causing spillovers that are taking out piers and creeping up to houses. My niece and her dh and kids live on the river but I think their house is high enough up so no trouble. Think I will e-mail her and make sure everything is ok

I am having dry cereal this morning as Jack got the last of the milk and I am not in any condition to walk to the store. I didn't go to bed until nearly 2 am and got up at 5. I have "cottonmouth" and it is causing me to cough and gag a lot so I can't sleep. Cereal is not bad dry but the fruit in it is a bit chewy! I figued I would be over this stuff, but it is hanging on.

Gloria: Hopefully you can just hunker down until the worst is past. I have seen picks of the northeast and it is a mess. When I think I could be living up north and trying to manuever in that mess! ICK ICK ICK!

Jean: I was pulling Jack's chain last night about the racing. I told him he just had to remember that if he did this then I could take $400 and go shopping and buy handbags or shoes (I have about 75 handbags and about 40 pr of shoes) Stunned him! Actually, I bought a handbag when we were out there last year at Caesar's Palace and will probably take it with us to Vegas because it is a nice big open style so I can stuff books, puzzles and the like in it for the airplane ride. Our flight LEAVES at 6 AM and dh is one of those, buckle in and go to sleep kind of people so I have to amuse myself! I will have the new Harry Potter book if I can keep from reading it though so I might do that. It comes out the middle of July. Just finishing the new John Grisham book and it is ok, but I wish he would go back to legal thrillers. This is kind of espionage like and I don't particularly care for those.

Well, better go and make sure everything is a-ok with the house this morning

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