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good morning, Jaded Ladies

Susan, I'm really sorry to hear the mediations are not going well. I'm glad your mom is helping with the retainer fees and the moral support. You know we are pulling for you here...

Ellen, hope you are doing ok up there in the Great White Frozen North. When I was weeding through about 3 weeks of chit-chat threads, I think I heard (read?) you mention a "tuque" -- that made me smile. Had no idea what it was until I married a man from Detroit, who loves hockey and whose mom is from Canada He shaves his head, so he wears one every day to work -- brrr, baby it's cold outside...

Jane, don't know if you were thinking of me, but I just bought my Disneyland tickets for March yesterday -- hooray!!! Our fifth anniversary is 3/17. We are driving down late late late 3/15, and will have 5 nights at the Disneyland Hotel. Our last trip on my birthday was so much fun -- I can hardly wait! And congrats on Neal's retirement! I can hardly wait for the day I retire

Maybe Marti didn't pop in last night because she was Gazelling....

Regarding the Walmart son worked there for about 5 months, and their hiring practices and the way they treat their employees was not too great. He finally had to quit because they were working him over time until 2am, and his college grades were slipping -- he asked to cut his hours down, and they told him he had to quit. He was given a small raise when he went to work in the cash office, and he had to ask and ask for them to pay him from the time he started in that dept. On the other hand, though, they gave him a shot even though he is young and pretty inexperienced, and they will offer jobs for folks that are older or disabled, or even those that have a pretty checkered job history. I have a Walmart and a Target both within about a mile of my house. I go to Walmart for the cheaper prices and bigger selection, and to Target for better quality and better atmosphere. Target sure made me mad this Christmas when they banned the Salvation Army bellringers, though...

Ack, I'm off to work...hi to everyone I missed!

gotta fly (as usual)

Mary Kate
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