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Good morning, ladies,

Susan - oh, I'm so sorry that the meetings aren't going well and that Mike is being a butthead. Mike with sole custody? HA HA HA, don't make me laugh! With Mike's past history, hopefully your new lawyer will be able to put the skids to that!! In the meantime, though, I know this has to be so hard for you. Wish I could help, Susan....

Marti - usually you check in after work... hope all is well.

I've been on the phone talking Disney talk with a friend. She and her family are going in June... which reminds me... I think I forgot to say hello to

Kathy - didn't you mention that you're going to Disneyland soon? Like you, I'm mad for the mouse, lol.

My SIL from Evansville and I are going to meet 1/2 between our homes, and have lunch. She's a sweetie and I enjoy her company so much. Gotta watch the points, though!

Have a good day and I'll bbl,
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