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Just am buried in this paperwork......

The judge didn't grant my change of venue. We had one meeting earlier before the hearing and that was so so......

Mike is a nasty person.

We had a second meeting this last Saturday and that was horrible. My mother went with me and I stayed calm with her in tow.

He left the meeting mid stream.... it is kind of funny but I was wearing my Russian ring from the Russian resident.... and pretty sure Mike saw it and just assumed that I was engaged or some darn mental warp thing only he can come up

So, he left.......I sat and talked with the mediator and came up with something to offer him.He refused though this morning. ..,,,,,when she called him. he wants sole custody.


Mediator is requesting the court a parenting evaluation - something that cost $3000 and something that I have to come up with half the cost....hahaha - like Mike will come up with half of his......

I will go back down on Monday and meet with a lawyer in Cannon Beach. My mom will pay to retain his services........thank goodness.

Exhausted.........i better go,........tons to do,,,,,,,no rest for the weary......hehehehehehe.........omg- think I am gong nuts,

chat later

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