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Good afternoon ladies--

One thing about's the only store of that kind in my town. I prefer Target, myself. So, instead of making a 20min. trip to Eugene, I just drive around the corner or so and there it is. Anyway.....

Cristi--Glad you're feeling much better, and sorry that DD has it! Seems like it's going around. No, I didn't go to see my sister and the baby. I was too tired to go anywhere. In fact, I didn't even leave the house yesterday!! I just needed one of those days I guess! I will see her soon though.

Julie--Your weather sounds exteme!! I've been reading about Ice storms and all kinds of stuff. Just be careful getting around!! I'd hate to hear that you fell or something!

Pam--I DO hate cluttery junk! My kitchen gets it the most and that drives me crazy!! There is this one corner in my kitchen, right next to the can't see it unless you're right up on it......FULL of clutter!! But I'll work on that next weekend!

Jane--How exciting for Neil to be planning his retirement! Now, are you going to be planning a secret retirement party for him? Now, when did you say he'll be retiring, the end of the school year or the end of the year? I hope you two get to spend the retirement years getting all tan and drinking all kinds of tropical drinks!!

Katy--Have fun going to grandma's! I haven't gone to see my grandpa in weeks!! I really need to get over there. I'm thinking tomorrow would be a good day. He's always so busy and never home so taking the chance to go over there can be tricky. But I'll go tomorrow and see how he's doing.

Well it's BEAUTIFUL outside!! Sun is shining. But it's COLD!!!! (((shiver)))

Had a nice cozy fire going all night last that comfort feeling. Maybe thats why I didn't leave the house yesterday!! I have to clean myself up a bit....I may check in later.

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