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Hey Girls

Well, sorry its been a few days, so Ill need to catch up on my posts for personals!!! We had a blizzard here over the weekend, topped off with 3 feet of snow...I did make it to work today but it was slow moving!!!The governor declared a state of emergency and asked businesses to close, so people would stay off the road...but not my good ole job!! I got to work late, because Ive been snowed in for the last 2 days with my friends kids!!!! It was so bad that I couldnt take them home yesterday, so I had to keep them over night again and bring them back this morning!!!
As far as my weigh in goes....not too happy here!!! The scale said I weighed 4 lbs heavier than last week's 198, which is crazy cause I didnt snack, I worked out all week last week, and ate totally healthy...Im hoping its just water weight or something, cause theres no way I gained weight last week!!! .....
JANE: I did see that your DH has decided to retire...Good for him!!! Maybe you guys can really start enjoying your time together now.....!!!

Well back to work for now...just 1 more hour to go!!!!
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