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Good Morning Girls.Our weather is dropping today,only suppose to be 74 with possible rain tomarrow. Not going to push myself so far today. I have to adjust my thinking.Losing 1 lb isn't so bad.

Eddie's off today and he'll spend part of it at restoring the appearance of the arcade game. There are quit a few chores around the yard he has to do to.He's trying to talk me into a racier car like a Camero.

About Walmart, maybe I don't know as much as I thought I did. I pay taxes so I don't like the idea of someone not paying.

Marti,Junk,Don't you hate it? I have a rule. If I haven't used or touched something in over a year out it goes. I either toss it or give it to someone. I can't stand clutter.Everything has a place and a purpose or eles.

Katy, how nice to still have a Grandma.I assume she's a lovely person for you to be visiting her. Mine was scary. She'd save the leftovers for a week, then make soup and insist we all come over and eat it.

Ellen, where are youuuu.
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