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Darlins....I am 18 day's Op and doing fine although, I over did the calories by a couple hundred yesterday and didn't realize until later. I probably went the 1500 instead of my goal of 1000 to 1200 max. Still, it was a very hungry day so I shall live and not beat myself up to much. I made a Low Carb beef soup tonight with celery, mushrooms and a bit of green onions and really enjoyed it as it is so cold today. 75 degrees yeasterday and 45 today. Last Night the wind whipped around the house sounding nearly like a womans scream. It even sounded cold. Winter dropped in to remind us that she is not done with us yet! Personally I think the lady is desperate as Spring keeps intruding on her time. I understand only to well the games we play with our own minds. I spent a lifetime playing them. It is a new day and a fresh start is a great thing. Hang tough. Pat it is time to get real. I knew I was ready to begin again when I dreamed a personal trainer came to my house with lots of exercise equiptment and I was so thrilled but then Dr. Phil walked through the door and said I hear you need some help. Well, girls in my Dream I fell down on my knees raised my hands in the air and shouted thank You God!!!! It was then I knew I was truly ready to start over!!! LOL... I really did dream that! Love Ya.
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