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Hello ladies--

Cristi--Yep, Walmart. Good Ol' Walmart. I'm always amazed when I hear people at work who refuse to shop at walmart...but that's what they do. I shop because it's cheaper than other places and I like to save my money. But back to the pedometer. $3 roughly. James said they had a lot over there. I told him he should get one for himself! He's constantly walking up and down the rails at work. I wonder how many steps he takes while he's at work!

Ellen--I know you'll be sad when your DD moves, but at least you know she has this wonderful BF. And as the others'll be a wonderful MIL. I'm hoping that the snow you have won't come down this way to Oregon. We've been having unusually warm weather here. My rose bush is still blooming pretty roses.

Jane--You were up late last night weren't you? Were you able to get much sleep? I didn't watch any movies last night. I called up Jhanai around 5 to see how she was doing and she was in Creswell (about 5miles from me) at her grandparents while her dad was working on his truck, so I went over there and picked her up for a few hours. Took her back about 10 just as her dad was thinking of finishing up. So I got to spend some time w/her. Tonight another story...have to find a good movie.

James fixed our computer...did something and it works faster now. The only thing that I don't have is IM. (instant messaging) So that's ok for now. As long as I'm not tapping my foot waiting for the page to load up!!

Katie--How are you doing? You mentioned your anniversary in March. What day? Mine & James is on March 24th. Our first wedding anniversary! I'm still trying to figure out what we want to do (notice I say I'M) since we have to schedule the days off a month ahead of time. Very frustrating. And trying to figure out what day James can get off is also frustrating........I'll figure it out though.

James got his call to go to work. So I wasn't able to do anything with him this weekend. I was wanting to at least go out for breakfast or lunch for my birthday. But that's ok. I can stay home and mope!

I need to get dressed and cleaned up...I may go see my sister and the baby today. Not sure yet, since it's already pass noon.

I'll check in later.

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