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so your german keyboard lets you but the ummmlout over the a----how Cool----we stayed at Hugelsheim {canadian base,now defunct} near BadenBaden and we visited Friebourg and went to the Black Forest----i LOVED Heidelburg {bad spelling i am too lazy to check} we went wine tasting in the Alsace Lorraine Region----wish i could scan some old pics====i LOVED Lucerne Switzerland and also Gruyere {stinky town}---------WHO WANTS A COFFEE CRISP???? I WILL MAIL THEM AGAINST ALL ODDS==========peachers sent illegal hot chocolate across the border and wabby sent tea------------i am daring-----------i don't like coffee crisp because it has a wafer texture and i don't like wafers=====if you know kitkat bars,then you know what i mean by wafer=-=====isn't it interesting that we are talking what kind of chocolate bars we like at the fatty forum-----------by the way=-====we call "hot cocoa" ===hot chocolate and candy bars====chocolate bars and of course we call soda "pop" and we say Grade Seven ,not seventh grade.that is all boring but as you may note on the weather channel WE ARE HAVING OUR THIRD EFFIN BLIZZARD IN SEVEN DAYS AND I MAY HAVE TO KILL SOMEONE OR SOMETHING-----they didn't bother closing the stores today,because we just go out in the mess anyway----------i think i will take some pics of this mess and send them to you right now.bye.
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