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Cool This'll cure Kiwi's migraine!

Coffee Crisp is a unique Candian phenomenon that certainly doesn't belong in a weight loss forum. Go here and check this out. Yum!!

It's only available in 16 states in the US and there are petitions going around for them to market it everywhere. People like it that much. It's my dad's absolute favourite chocolate bar of all time.

We're supposed to be snowed in but we're not. Maybe tomorrow. I threw stuff away today. Cannot stand the tip any longer. My kitchen is being taken over by paper and clutter.

Bagzie! Believe me, when you go shopping here you get the same cr*p as everywhere else. I hear the Christmas market in Nurnberg is really nice, though. Those southern types eat spätzle but I know how to make them. Up here in the north it's 'taters all the time. Boiled, fried, mashed, whatever.

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