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SUe!!! Carb **** sucks! Doubles suck! The weather sucks!

You were the reigning OP Goddess for longer than I can count! HAIL to the Queen

It's really teh mental stuff. I am reading this month's OPRAH mag. She discusses what her moment of clarity was. ANd when I see her now, I think I want what she has. She talked about the games that she played w/ herself and how she overcame them. She ranks exercise the same as taking a bath. It just needs to be done daily. "JUST DO IT".

For me the reality is that I can't eat whatever I want. I can't wish the weight away. I have been wishing for 2 years to weigh less. I wished that I would eat better and I wished that I would exercise. I wished there was less stress in my life. 2 years later here I sit, Nothing changed so nothing changed.

Last week I made some changes and lo and behold the scale moved. Hmmm.. could there be a connection? Was it easy? No, but it was very satisfing to see that scale move!

I stayed OP yesterday, a miracle.

Pam and Lisa how are you?

Sue, you can do it, I have the duct tape and whatever else is needed! WE CAN DO THIS!!!!
I am worth the time it takes to be healthy!

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