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I have nothing to say except this:

* Spring break in Dogpatch with no car and nothing in walking distance OR
* Spring break in Barcelona with Herbie and the grandsons

Lusho, if I thought you read your email, I'd send you the list of PSAT scores cutoff by state so you'd see why you should move. There is too much competition in NJ. Why is that? Superior schools? Superior parents? Cheating?

Bagz, I met a Nova Scotia woman online yesterday. She was so cute. Asked me where I was from. Florida. Then she said "I'm from Canada."

Oh, I'm from US, I replied. Then she wanted to know if I knew where Cape Breton is. Figured out where she was and asked if she ate chicken bones.

Yes! Do you eat oranges! She said.

Youse guys are funny.

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