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I really like them both. I agree with waiting to see the baby to name it if you have a few names that you cannot decide one. My best friend did that and she knew once she saw him what his name was. I knew the minute I heard the name Brady that it was my son's name. Weird. My dh name is Brad so it was like his name with a y on the end but a whole different sounding name.

Gretchen just a warning about the 3-d u/s. Only very few get pictures like they show in the advertisments. I had them with both of mine only because the hospital did them for the parents after the regular u/s. I did not see much on either of them. The regular u/s was great though. I had an anterior placenta and it is hard for them to get an image through it. Just a warning not to get too disappointed if you don't get the best images.
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