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Good Morning All: First of all NIkki I only listen to music when doing Lesley. I think that is what renewed my interest in music. DD downloaded a lot of CD's for me of music that she knows I like. I now have enough that I can listen to a different one every day. My interests in music now run that gamit. One day new country, the next rock bands (Bon Jovi) the next show tunes from broadway. and so on. In fact that prompted my xmas present from DH, tickets to a broadway show, I picked the Queen revival coming this summer and tickets to a Blue Rodeo concert, my favorite Canadian band. We also drive to a nearby city at the lake in the summer almost evey Saturday to see shows that the city put on for free during the summer. Boy Anne it sure sounds like your mom and sister need to start eating. Your Dad's death with be with you all forever but they have to stay healthy. Did they ever get the dog? That would be a way for them to channel time and energy and then help them move on. Aleka, I have found some good low fat recipes on the South Beach board here. I have been looking at the phase 1 recipes go take a look. They are a lot like curves and core. They want protein and low fat, which can be a life style. I have a new addiction, tetley's honey lemon ginseng green tea with a slice of lemon. It has taken the place of coffe for me. I switched to decaff coffee and have had my usual headache, so thought I would get off it as much as I can. Well I guess it is time to do Lesley and today is house cleaning day. DH has been sitting and doing jig saw puzzles and crossword puzzles for 3 day now so he doesn't know it yet but he is going to help!!!!! he used to at least shovel the snow but now pays for someone to do it most of the time. He has to do somethng I am sick of looking at him. Later
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