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Hey Lisa...I can totally understand the frustration you feel when you self sabotage..I did the same thing this week..I got to an all time low of 155 pounds and all week I have been eating like a pig..I am so afraid to weigh its my time of the I will weigh in this saturday. I also have been keeping up with our cycling challenges..I did 10 ks on monday...5.6km yesterday and I plan on cycling again this week. take care

I cant believe that it is mid week already! I went to see my Mom last night and she was DRY!!! woohoo...and she went to the bathroom on her own and told me she needed to go...I was so happy..yes I wanted to do back flips. It was very cold last night...I just about froze my butt ..and once again it is very cold...I have my trusty heater beside me..and ocaisionally I lean over and heat up my hands.

I cycled last night but only managed 20 was it hard..the legs just didnt have it yesterday. I did some floor exercises..mainly crunches on my ball. those are always good.

I cant wait to finish this period...I am gonna weigh this weekend ...Sunday or Saturday and see what the dredged scale will tell me...but I have been so bad this past weekend with the food...and tons of chocolate..too..I always crave sweets during my period. I am hoping just to maintain..I know there is no way I have lost a pound.

Meal Plan for today
breakfast: peanut butter light on whole wheat
lunch: crab wrap ( light mayo, turmeric, boston lettuce and whole wheat tortilla)
dinner: smoked meat with portabello mushrooms and onion (mustard on the side with dill pickle)
snacks: 5 pieces of candy..yes I know BAD BAD BAD, 8oz fruit smoothie (no sugar added)
beverages: water, tea and diet cola

exercise: pilates and cycling

have a great day

You Are What You Eat
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