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Hello gals! Just a quick post, as I must wake up the kiddos shortly to get them ready for school. I have indeed been lurking but always in a rush so I don't post...maybe a more honest reason is that I haven't been op at all and I feel guilty. However, I just read everyone's post and I'm motivated to do better today. One day at a time right? I've had a bit of stress as my 5 year old was sick with a stomach bug last week and threw up on my new carpet...more importantly, he is fine now, but my 8 month old has been throwing up for the last two days. I think the puking is done now as I was finally able to get him to keep breast milk down. I had to pump two bottles yesterday so that I wouldn't explode! But now I have stored milk which was needed once I start doing clinicals at the hospital. School officially started yesterday. I am taking my classes online so I was up late last night getting my syllabus's organized and making my list of required reading. I don't want to get behind, so I must be organized. Well, here is my meal plan for today:

Breakfast: two eggs, fried; one low carb bread toasted with peanut butter

Lunch: sauteed mushrooms, stuffed chicken breast

Dinner: Grilled Salmon; pea salad

I must drink lots of water...I must cleanse my system...that is my toughest challenge...

oh...and I love the meatball recipe...going to give those a shot!

Thankgs girls!!

Eat to live, don't live to eat!

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