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Good morning,

It still is chilly here. I had the heat running all day yesterday. Can you imagine they were talking about wind chill in FL? It is supposed to be a little bit warmer today.

Anne, that is awful about your co worker. Yes, it does make you want to take better care of your health. I wish her all the best. Not eating right or not eating at all could cause hair loss. Maybe with the hair loss, they'll start eating better. The woman who was on with Suzanne did look great. She really was an inspiration.

Lynn, good for you on being committed to your eating plan and exercising. We all seem to be committed this year. I read my horoscope for the winter months and it said that some planet will be aligned with some other planet and that would make me more committed to something whether it be to lose weight or whatever. You know, they were right.
Nikki, you really are exercising. Good for you! I really admire you for exercising at night. When I do my 2 mile walk....I'm done! I read that gov't report too. I think with the amount of exercise they've recommended, they're going to discourage a lot of people from exercising.

DH has to be to work at 9:30 am this morning, so gotta go make breakfast.

Have a good day.
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