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Hi meixey, welcome to 3FC

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The 6 Week Makeover has received mixed reviews here. We've had a support thread going for it in the past, but it died out ages ago. We also had a few posts in our Buyer Beware forum complaining about the program, most said it was extreme and difficult to stick to for long. One person posted her diet plan (personalized and not copyrighted) for everyone and it was extremely low calorie, which is not a recommended way to diet. We then received a notice from a rep for Thurmond demanding that we remove her post, and said everyone would have to pay to see what their plan offered Needless to say, that left a bad taste in our mouths. This is why we like good old fashioned diet books, you can flip through and see what you are getting before you plunk down your $19.99 (or $119.99 in the case of this program) If you do buy it, try eBay, as it can be had for just a few dollars there. If you like it, then you will succeed. If you don't like it, then you didn't lose much and can try another diet.

Something else you might consider is devising your own diet plan. If you've tried all the diets, then you've learned what does and doesn't work for you. Most successful dieters actually lose weight and keep it off by doing their own thing, and not a published diet plan.
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