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Have you ever known someone who quit smoking, and then after awhile--say, weeks, months, even years--they start to bum a cigarette now and then? And then their smoker friends get tired of them bumming a smoke all the time, and say buy your own. So the person finally buys a pack, and says to themselves, I'll keep this pack in a drawer, and I'll only have one a day, like after work to relax. Only then they decide that it's probably OK to have one with lunch also now and then. Or maybe with morning coffee. And the next thing they know, they are buying another pack . . .

Well, this is what it sounds like you're doing with food, lilwolfe. And it very much is like an addiction in the way it operates. One of the definitions of addiction is when you find yourself doing something you said you weren't going to do and had no intention of doing . . . like eating McDonalds, or Dunkin Donuts, when you had all those good foods you had planned to eat sitting right there!

So stop playing with those foods! It's not going to work! You can't have that stuff all the time, every day, and expect nothing will change.

Weight Watchers is a good program--I lost 30 pounds on it once. Better to switch programs than give up entirely!

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