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Thanks for the help guys. I have used a lot of the recipes on the South Beach Forum and we have both of the books at home. Unfortunately, a lot of the sweet things are made with cheeses, which I like, but I sometimes get a little bit lactose intolerant. So the eighteen varieties of a ricotta cheese dessert, can be rough.

It's not the meals that are the problem. I like the foods on South Beach. I do like potatoes too, but usually I am okay without them.

It's the sweet snacks. Milkshakes, Ice cream, Candy bars, chocolate, cookies. And no diet has a place for these things. Well, maybe if you do that, 'once a week' allowance, but I want them more often than once a week. It's exhausting for every day to be a battle of my own will and saying no to things I want. I honestly, don't think I have the energy to keep this up for the rest of my life.

South Beach wasn't so much about low carb, but about good carb. Well it's nearly impossible to buy these good carbs - they are hard to find. Even the lowcarb craze doesn't supply you with good carbs. Whole wheat pasta? Hard to find and overall, very expensive. And it's also, really really really gross. It's like eating wallpaper paste. I can handle whole wheat breads, if they are still soft and not too earthy tasting. But yah, I just don't know what to do.

I did weight watchers a few years ago, when I was about this weight actually, and it got me down to my goal weight real quick -but I was doing a TON of walking a day and a lot more active because my job required it.

Maybe I should try WW again - at least then you could say 'Darnit, I really really want a Twix bar, and if I do that, then that limits me for the rest of the day by this much'. Etc etc. Or maybe I should just try to make healthy choices, but allow for little splurges here and there, and count calories. There is just so many different ways of doing things, and it's so hard to figure out what is right for you.
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