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Good Morning Everyone:
My computer is fixed and back at home It had six viruses and Trojan
Horses It ended up costing me $260.00 because I had the
memory upgraded by another 256 mbm I had Norton 2005 installed and
Spysweeper intalled. It is running like a dream.....I downloaded Yahoo
Messenger so I will be able to chat with you guys

Nikki!!! weigh to go You are doing wonderful. I have dropped
15 pounds in the last two weeks. Of course I am sure it is mostly water
but I am back on track. You weigh considerably less than me now. I am
a dumpy 240 My goal is to get below this 200 pounds once in for all.

Aleka it is freezing here. I am so glad to hear your DH will be working
some regular hours this week. I was waking up all night long. I guess its
the anticipation of another week of

Hi Lynn, cold enought for you How is it going at curves?

Have a great day.
Believe you can and the rest will follow......
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