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Default LCFS Week of Jan. 16, 2005

Good morning everyone,

Hope you all had a good weekend. Saturday and part of Sunday was awfully dreary. It has gotten cooler too. The heat is running this morning.

Anne, how did things go with Best Buy over the weekend? Hope you got everything straightened out with customer service. What did they say about your computer?

Lynn, how did the puppy sitting go this weekend? Hope that you had good traveling weather.

Nikki, I tried the Lipton's Mixed Berry green tea and it's very good. I really like the Orange, Jasmine, & Passionfruit. If you're looking for the Red Vanilla tea, it's in a red box with a lion on the front.

DH is working some normal hrs. this week. He'll be going into work in the mornings this week.

Have a good Monday.
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