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DANG IT!!! I just lost a semi-long post !!! ARGH !!!

Here goes again!

Meg I remember when Mel said that too: If you love the results, learn to love the process. I OFTEN think about this saying when I'm running and I don't feel like going further....

Ellis said:
I think I've always thought of it (in terms of eating) as a way of life that comes easily... without having to think about it.
Karen/MrsJim always says : " It gets easier with time..." I am finding it easier than last year or 2 years ago OR 10 years ago... My thinking of food has shifted 360 degrees, that's a fact... But when does it all end tho ? When does it become a non issue ? Maybe like SusanB says : " 'I get to work out tomorrow because work just called and I don't have to go!' " I really like that one ... and I know that sometimes I am definitely at that point , exercise wise anyways... for example this morning I called my g/f, I just had this gut feeling she was going to drop by when I wasn't here, sure 'nuf she was going to drop in just at 11 o'clock when I was leaving... I bluntly said , sorry I'm off to the gym ... from the "OH ? " on the other end of the line I could tell she was disappointed... BUT I was determined to get my workout in early, because 11am, was already getting a little late... When it comes to food it's still a struggle at times, but easier than it has ever been

Ellis I am the opposite of you, when I was a teen I was obcessed with food and my body image, it was very distorted also very negative... I used alot of negative self talk back then when looking in the mirror, which I rarely, if ever, do now...

Funny how distorted our views of ourselves are... When was a size 14 I thought I looked like an 8, now that I'm at an 8 I think I look like a 14 .... Go figure ! I guess I have to give the size 8 time to sink in ... or a 6 for that matter ... I looked at a size 6 pants last week thinking "no way" do I fit my butt in those they looked so small on the rack, when I took them in the change room they easily slid over my hips, but I just felt they were too snug and I didn't like the style... Time I guess all in good time...

Well I have to get going I hear DH getting supper ready I have to make sure it's health conscious... TTFN.......

This has been a great discussion BTW...
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