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I don't know what's on the South Beach Diet, but I would suggest before throwing in the towel, whenever a diet isn't appealing to someone, or they just don't like the food choices on it, to change diets. If low carbs doesn't work for you, try low fats. Because whichever diet you do choose will need to be one you'd basically need to stick to for life. If you're a carb lover and must have pasta, substitute it with whole wheat pasta. Take heart potato lovers, because there's a new low carb potato (cross breed) supposed to be due out on the market soon according to an article I read recently.

You might benefit more from counting your calories rather than your carbs. That would mean you could have a small potato from time-to-time and just go easy on what you eat the rest of the day. But if you really really want a potato or something that is restricted from South Beach, and you continually deny yourself, you could eventually throw it all away on a binge.

My idea of a diet isn't something we do to lose weight, but it's something we do to live. So when I'm talking about my own diet, it's what I eat daily and how I intend to eat for life...fruits, veggies, lean meats...It is not salads and starvation. I've been on those diets and they didn't work in the long run.

Jay, if you can't stomach anymore lowfat yogurt, mix it up. Try soy yogurt. If all else fails, regular yogurt is still better for you than a candybar. Don't want to eat another bite of turkey, try soy based burgers and other imitations. Experiment with your foods and find a group that works for you. But don't give up.

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