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Default I know what you mean!

Wolf, I can really understand that. I stopped following my program, too, and it's because I couldn't look turkey "in the face" any more, and I couldn't eat another spoonful of lowfat yogurt. I think people often get to this point.

In case you're wondering, yes, I have regained the weight. Not all of it, but probably half of what I lost. That's how it happens, and I don't know of any exceptions.

So it might have been better for me to switch to something more appealing but still on program, instead of just having my little tantrum and eating those foods "that please me."

South Beach has lots more variety than the program I was following, though. Are you sure you dislike the foods, or do you just dislike not being able to eat all those other things everyone else is eating?

I hope you find the courage to "suck it up" and get strict again!

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