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Hey there again - thought I would just check in! Gma is dressed, had lunch and meds, and sydney is dressed and had lunch and is now down for a nap. I am doing good so far today! bowl of corn bran for breakfast (measured and all ) and for lunch I had a peach, a salad with ff ranch and (whoops) some potato chips, just a handful dinner will be another story, I am so tired these days, that I get home and don't eat, I let dh give himself and dd dinner and I just sit there in a daze, or do laundry or I know that is why I am eating so crappy during the day. I am almost done with my first bottle of water too. I will get better, one step at a time. I can't wait to start working out regularly again, that will help my attitude and motivation alot. Can't get personal now, dd is being way to loud for gma to take a nap! LOL.....gotta run! TTYL!
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