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Good Morning Ladies!!

Chris, I didn't work last night but I was up all night reading a book, I couldn't put it down so I read the whole thing lol, It was about 1 am before I went to sleep! Wr're getting snow right now to send over to you lol and it's really coming down!

Roxy, I don't think we have any ghosts in my house but I believe that my grandfather and my uncle have both come to visit my children. I would walk in to a room and see one of them babbling at the wall, like they were talking to a person, I think they came to meet the new baby and to let them know that they would watch over them

Mel, I know some days its so hard to eat more than that! I've had days where I had to choke down food because I didn't eat enough calories lol. You kick butt girly!! Water water!! I've already got 4 oz down LOL! I'll get it all in don't you worry

Crystal, glad your appt went well, sorry bout the blow out!

Kris, Naughty naughty girly!! You should bring some fruits and veggies over to gmas so you have some healthy food around How is syd? I miss chatting with you!!

Jill, how are things hunny bunny? How is Moonface? I hope little Bayley is feeling much better. How's school going? What did your professors have to say when you talked to them?

Penny are you going to the gym today? If so I hope you have a great workout!!

Well I need to go get the day going and take my meds so I can eat soon! I hope you all have a great day!!
Lots of love!
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