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Morning ladies...
Jill-It's great to see a post from you. Things will be back to normal at your house before you know it. I remember my first trip into the Ped. ICU when Tiana was around Bayley's age. She had gotten dehydrated from a flu bug and they admitted her for fluids but then she couldn't they kept her and did and EEG, and finally had to put her under for an MRI. She didn't come out of that so well. They had to put her in ICU and had her on a respirator. I remember I went home to get cleaned up a bit while her dad was there and when I came back I saw this lone little body laying in the bed. I thought she was dead. All these people were surrounding this other bed in there. OH I was horrified and so p.o.ed. I didn't even recognize my parents around her. It took me the longest time to figure out that I was looking at a child size CPR dummy. Tiana was in the other bed with all the people around her. DUH!

Melissa-I would have to say your starving yourself. For the amount of working out your doing, you're body has got to be holding on to every ounce of body fat it can. I talked to a WW leader and she told me that I wasn't even taking in enough calories for the amount of exercise I was doing. I was eating around 1,100. I have been digging into my flexpoints to see what happens.

Crystal-AHH, the pelvic pain and pressure. I remember it well. That's why I was praying that Nicole would come early. She hung in for 2 extra weeks to just let me know who's the boss I guess. The midwife gave me a rib belt to put on to kind of hold her up a bit so it wouldn't hurt so bad. It did help. Both Kayla and Nicole came out with a round bruise on their head about the size of a softball because they were riding so low in my pelvis.

Penny-Is your tummy feeling better? I'm assuming you're was from a bug or something. Mine is till hurting. Those pilate exercises kicked my butt. I'm feeling it this morning for sure.

Deana-Those vases are beautiful. I bet they look even better in real life. I wish I were more crafty. I do some sewing and I like to scrapbook (I steal my sister's ideas for that), and my new thing will maybe be crocheting. I don't know how but I bought a beginner's book with lessons in it.

Gretchen-How are you feeling this morning? So Do you like Curves? I'm going to try to talk my husband in to at least getting a family membership to the Y. Maybe I can get him to go exercise with me. Tiana wants to use the swimming pool.

Stephanie-How's your morning going? How's the little kiddos? I just have to tell you that I think Ella is such a pretty name for a baby. Its an old- fashion name you don't hear anymore. I love it. My sister has a friend who had a little girl and named her Lydia. That's a name you don't hear very often either. Mine all got their names from Prenatal personalities they seemed to have when I was pregnant. Tiana was mellow and I was reading a book about a Cherokee woman named Tiana at the time so that's what she got. Kayla and Nicole were my rowdy pregnancies. DH liked Kayla for a name. He wanted to Nicole's name to be Chantel...I told him heck no, she was too tough to have a Chantel. She's my little roughneck now. We call her Coli for short.

Michelle-Wake up sunshine!!! I know, I know...leave you alone. You were working last night. Just making sure you were still with us. How's Teagan and Taylor? you have any more snow you're going to send down my way?

Geri, Ricci, Kristin, Tracey (where did you disappear to?), and anyone else I may have missed...Have a great morning. I'll be checking back after a bit to see what's going on.


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