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Morning Ladies Checking in from g-ma's! Thanks for asking how I am doing! I need a slap in the face currently. I am being such a tard, and not eating right when I am here. It like "oh im not at home, I should just eat what I see first" WRONG! So water only for me....and I am going to try and make some inventory of the fridge, etc to see what there is for me to eat. They have lots of healthy stuff, its just that g-ma gets whatever she wants and so I am just eating what she does, which isn't good at all! Lets just say that a box of icecream bars lasted 2 days. She has like 2 a day and yesterday so did I! I am ready to get my butt in gear though. Today I had a bowl of cereal and now I am going to pile on the water until lunch and then decide what to have then. I am exhausted, I am not getting enough sleep at night since I am not used to getting up by 6am. I feel like I am getting nothing done at home either. Oh well, I am sure that I will adjust....sadly enough, I will adjust just in time for this to be all over, as she is going down hill pretty fast! Not sure how long I can take care of her by myself. time will tell........

You all crack me up....I hear ya about the ghosts "ghosts" are responsible for the mess at my place too!

Well ladies, I am going to try and get my ebay stuff done, and get sydney dressed. Then hopefully gram will wake up so I can get her dressed for the day. Have a good day all! Welcome to Steph! Penny is so sweet, I am jealous that you have a 3fc friend in your town!

I could talk forever but I shouldn't! Maybe this afternoon I can come back and get personal! We'll see! ..Love you guys, TTYL!
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