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Good Morning Everyone!
Well it's a beautiful morning here. We have snow coming down! Overnight we had 3" it's still snowing so , who knows what we'll end up with! I'm not even going to apologize for say this. I love snow! I could never live in Florida. I was up late talking to my Sis (in Florida) she thinks her house has a ghost. Well, maybe... her antique treadle sewing machine was going all by itself for 20 seconds without anyone in the room. I think her son spun it as he was leaving the room and she just caught the tail end of the motion.She said there was no way that that could be, cause she tried doing that. She was very freaked out. I told her that I'd take the sewing machine (it was my grand mother's) I'm not afraid of ghosts! Maybe the ghost would do my mending, I have an ongoing pile. I just heard of a lady who sold her ghost on Ebay for a neat bundle, $50,000, I could use the money if it really does sew by itself!

Crystal-I go through that pelvic pain ever time too. The pelvis softens in order to accomodate the babies head. Mine clicks! About 6-7 months later it doesn't click anymore and I know that it's strengthened up. I is very sore though. Are you doing your pelvic rocks? These really have helped me. It also takes weight and tension off the spinal column. Have a good day, drink your water and don't overdo!

Mel-gee! is that enough calories for as hard as you are working out? I don't know for you, but it doesn't sound like very many! I'd be starvin!!!! You are working so hard that scale of yours must be broken or something. Your pics look great and you've got to be seeing a difference in your clothing. Right?

Penny-does your tummy feel better today? Have fun working out today. Maybe that pain will go away.

Deana-hey e.t. isn't it great when the house is quiet! I relish those times! Yes, what a selfish beast I am! SO! Enjoy your painting, they are really turning out nice and I hope they do well over the weekend!

Someone just woke up here and needs attention, so I'll be back in a little...

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