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Good Morning Gals! And what a good morning it is... to see that Bluet and Angel have stopped in

Hi Sheila, First off I want to say that I am so sorry to hear about your Step-sisters hubby... just as Angel went to hug her hubby I did soon after. He was already in bed, but I loved all over him anyway It sure does make you 'think' and feel grateful! My thoughts are with her today...

Yes, the weather in our area is pretty bad! We lost some major branches of our Oak tree from the weight of the ice! Thankfully the branches haven't fallen on our home Many areas around us are FLOODED and without ELECTRIC!! I am blessed to say that so far these things have not hit us personally where we live --- just the ICE. You can hear your home actually popping from the cold and ice build up, scary! Thanks for asking about us, so far we are doing well and still have our electric. Those who do not have it are facing staying warm in these 20* temps we have right now! Not to mention frozen pipes w/o heat and ice waters filling the whole floor of your home from rising waters... Yes, I am grateful to be high enough not to be effected in that way!!

I forgot to tell you that the Ginger Bread House is a KIT! Everything you need to make it - the cookies - the icing - the candies and the tray all came in the kit I bought it at Wal-Mart for $10.00 You can get it there next year and make one too... it's really fun! And yes... it is all editable

I didn't keep it here though, I brought it to our best buds New Years Eve Party and we used it as a centerpiece on the table. We couldn't keep it because my Zeppe and Guido would eat it! In fact! As I was taking pictures of the house Zeppe jumped up on the table and I caught him in the act!

Here is the picture

Hi Angel, As for your hubby! Joe was on the phone this morning with me as I read that part of your post and he really feels that your hubby should see a Dr! My Joe said it sounded like something in his sinuses popped or burst... because he could taste the blood. Sinuses run behind the eyes and into the back of your throat (therefore his taste). You should really consider taking him in, okay.

Thanks about the Ginger house... but as I just explained to Sheila - I cannot take much credit for it because it was a kit and so easy to do. Yes, we did our own thing on it - not following their design, but it all came in a kit we got at Wal-Mart Something to think about doing with your grandchildren next year

I am so very sorry to hear of all your health trails! My heart goes out to you Charlotte! I hope that when you go in February that specialist will be able to really help you get better!! And remember that you are NOT FAT!!! Those steroids are terrible and add water under the skin... it will all come off when they take you off of them again - you'll see. In the meantime don't be so hard on yourself, okay

Your Scrapbooks sounded wonderful and well-received by your family It made me smile BIG when you shared how they all took them over by themselves to look at theirs... awesome job, Charlotte! They will remember what you did for always

Hi Bluet, I am so glad you stopped in... but am so sorry that you are not feeling very well right now with the stress of work... I bet you so look forward to the weekends!!

I saw that new show last nigh before *CSI-Vegas*... it's called *Wickedly Perfect*. Was that guy voted off a TRIP or what!!!! He wasn't too full of 'himself' I was so glad to see him go!!! Funny how fast you can get caught up in these shows

I only got one message from *Hallmark* too... I am looking forward to watching the show tonight even if I don't call in - just to see what it is all about. Thanks for the link, Bonnie!

*Feel Better* okay


I have bill's to pay today ~ I blew them off yesterday because I didn't feel so good - I have a sore throat & swollen glands on the left side that began in the morning and hasn't left me yet. Now it seems to have moved into both sides some and not all in one spot... I don't have much of a voice right now either. If it doesn't ease by Sunday I will go see a Dr. on Monday

Hello's to DIANE! I hope that you are doing well
You gals have a wonderful FRIDAY now!!

"Only God can turn your MESS into a MESSAGE, a TEST into a TESTIMONY, a TRIAL into a TRIUMPH and a VICTIM into a VICTORY" Author Unknown
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