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I find a good way to stop wasting fresh produce if I don't get round to cooking the meal i bought it for in time, is to blanch it in boiling water and then freeze it. At the moment I have A LOT of broccoli in my fridge due to a friends bumper crop in her vege garden, so tonight it is all getting bagged up into single servings and frozen.

Actually find out who in your office/group of friends has a vege garden and offer to take any extra veges they have off their hands! It's cheap and you know the veges you are getting are fresh and chemical free!

Another good trick I have learnt is to put things like pasta sauce/soups/mince in a baggy and freeze it so it is flat. That way you can fit heaps more in your freezer, and it takes less time to defrost (greater surface area for heat transfer!).
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