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Psalm 91:9-11
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Hi Sheila & Diane!

Diane, I am so glad to hear that your Dear Nephew is doing better then all expected!! Annnnd... that you stopped in to let us all know YOU are okay

I'll take 70*! I think it's about 30* right now here and we are in the midst of sleet and ice storms here. Many are without power because the weight of the ice is taking down power lines. Not to mention that there is allot of flooding here! We had allot of snow before all this rain and now that we had rain that snow melted causing the flooding. Then we got another 4" of snow and then it rained turning into ice again... crazy!! Enjoy your Texas weather and Feel Better! Just gotta hate those blahs!

And Sheila, you sure do know how to make a body feel good about themselves thank you so much for the compliments... I called my hubby in to read your post and he got the biggest kick out of your kind words! Thank-you from us both! As far as the New Year's Eve party - we go because it is our best pals party... very warm and comfy with people we all know that come every year, it is absolutely wonderful. This way... if you don't see one another during the year you can catch up that evening. We get together at about 7pm till ?? They really put on a nice party --- if they stopped having them there we wouldn't go anywhere. You guys would love our friends, Mike & Peggy too --- they are the best! I pray everyday for their health and well-being, so that we all may live long lives together. Now... next year will be a different story - being that New Years Eve is on a Saturday night and we have church at 8:00AM the next morning we may not stay long after the midnight hour.

Ohhhh, we'd be glad to cook up a turkey for you In fact, tonight we had the soup I made at the beginning of the week warmed up --- yummy!!! Hit the spot with all the cold & damp weather we are having.

As for your father, I think you are making the right decisions for him... I really do! He isn't clear minded and thinking of all his needs in the way you do. Go with your gut feelings and all will go well for him, you'll see. You *ALL* will benefit his moving into assisted living, believe me. My father-in-law needed more care then he would admit too and once he accepted that fact he was happy with our decisions and with his personal attention at the assisted home. He lived there for about a year and a half before we finally needed to move him into a Nursing Home.

Yes, *CSI* and *Without a Trace* are new tonight... and a new show called *Medium* is on too --- I found the first show on Monday night interesting. Wonder where it will go? A little leery about it, but I enjoy checking out new show just to see for myself... then move on if it doesn't look good. *ER* won't be on tonight because of the new show *Medium*. I miss *Survivor* on Thursday nights. Soon *American Idol* will begin again. I enjoy that show too, being Joe & I are into music ourselves.

How are YOU feeling today? Any better? Or are you still feeling the blues? My thoughts and prayers are with you!


They are with you *ALL!*
Where are Bluet and Angel the last few days????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

Love yous guys!

"Only God can turn your MESS into a MESSAGE, a TEST into a TESTIMONY, a TRIAL into a TRIUMPH and a VICTIM into a VICTORY" Author Unknown
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