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Hey Crystal! Ya never know about that water breakin. Keep a towel handy girl!

ROxy, Iwish it was quiet here too. Whiney morning here for my two. I didn't check the scale, because I ate like a Pig yesterday! This morning, I ate two poptarts and will never do that again. they were 200 calories each ...YIKES!!! I usually eat Yogurt that is 160 Calories.....I couldn't believe it. I would have to work out like nuts for 40 minutes to get rid of it and I can't today, because of the car situation. The car estimate was 2700, but we only have to pay 500 deductible. Thank goodness for insurance! Anyway, what kind of doll is that. Can you send us a pic? I'd be interested in seeing it.

WW Scale fully clothed with shoes. WW 10% goal 202, personal short term goal 199.
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