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Good Morning! you hear that? What, nothing? That's right!!! School's back in session. Yahoooooo! Older boys are out too, and the babies and DH are still sleeping. I've had my shower and currently sipping on coffee. I feel almost human again! This seems to have been a longer school break than normal. I finished making Michaela's Christmas present, a magic cabin doll. Took me three days! That's what she wanted. Now they all want one. Thank goodness I have more time for that. It is chilly this morning with a temp of -5. Brrrr! Have to get movin'.

Crystal- you are doing so well on your pregnancy this time, bless your heart. You will feel so good afterwards too, and the weight loss will be great! Isn't that almost like magic the day or two after the baby comes and the scale goes down 30 pounds? I wish that would happen all the time!

Mel-well...did you weigh yourself this morning yet? I bet this will be THE WEEK! Really! Hope your car repair will not be so hideously expensive! Gasp! I will try to send you some sun.

Tracy- good grief everyone is sick! I hope your dd is feeling better soon! Glad you are keeping on track and doing good!

Penny-love the cute graphics you are always coming up with! Where do you find them? Hope you are having a great day!

Jeniqua-I was lying in back last night praying for all of those who needed prayers and I didn't forget your dh. I hope he is better. Don't you have anyone who can help you? At least there's the phone. Try to keep well yourself, hopefully dh will get out today.

Well I better go and start some LAUNDRY. I heard some grumbling about being out of underwear yesterday, so back to the grind for me! I think I'll make some soup today for supper. I'll put it on the woodburning stove and it will go all day. Yum! TTYL

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