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Mama - Great news on the lost inches! I'm sure the weight plateau is extra muscle.

Nally - Be careful with the weather! I am another one who weighs daily. I keep one spreadsheet with daily results and another one that tracks weekly and estimates when I will hit goal weight. I just don't let a slight increase discourage me - I use it to motivate me to be even more vigilant about staying OP.

Kim - We've missed you too. I agree. I feel so much better when I've been staying on OP.

Ellis - if I want to snack due to TOM, I make extra sure I have lots of snacks. There is no way I can overdo it on raw veggies. I just have to stay away from the high calorie/fat snacks.

MsJulia - Glad the headache is gone. It really does help to make sure you eat lots of legumes in phase 1 especially. Those extra carbs really make a difference.

little chick - I hope the eye starts feeling better soon. You are being so productive.

Ruth - I try to highlight and copy my post before I hit submit. Then it is so much easier to just paste it in if I lose it.

cottage - Your food sounds good. I have to remind myself sometimes to make sure I drink enough water.

anchor - Jenn had a website set up for a clothing exchange awhile back but I don't think it got too much activity. I know I have a lot of stuff that is too big, especially size 18/20. I tried not to buy any more than necessary so I only have a little size 16 and 14 that is too big and I skipped size 12 totally.

Me - I got in an hour at the gym yesterady and it felt so good! We've got a cub scout den meeting tonight so I won't be able to make it today but I'm hoping to walk at lunchtime. It might have to be inside though since the weather is still really wet.
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