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Morning Chicks!

Well I shut my alarm off for exercise this morning. But so far so good I managed to get up 1 day and exercise before work. That's better than last year. I stayed up late working on bills and budgets trying to get my debt snowball down there. Figuring out how much I need to put where. It just must have exhausted me. Tomorrow is another morning to try to get up early and exercise.

Good news is I'm wearing a size smaller pants! Yeah! I've gone from a size 22W to a size 16W. I guess my next move will be lateral to a 16 misses. I have a pair of 16M but I can't quite squeeze my butt into them comfortably. Tomorrow I weigh in. This brings up an excellent question. Have 3FC SBD ever considered a thread to give clothes to each other? Yes I know I could sell them on Ebay or give them to Goodwill but with as fast as we lose weight around here it would be fun to give them to each other. For instance, I have a houndstooth Ralph Lauren zip up dress sport coat that I wore for 1 season. It is a 22W and I hate to throw it in the pile for Goodwill. Not sure how you Mods feel about this and I hope I'm not rocking someone's boat. Let me know.

Otherwise everyone have an OP day!
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