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Come on Spring!
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Crap! Just did a long and sensitive post and lost it!

Anyhow, I was up early and watched Brigitte Jones's Diary this morning. A neat movie but definitely a chick flick. Harry would never have sat through it. It certainly was a different way to start the day - the Girls were amazed to see The Goddess sitting and watching TV in the morning but were quite interested in sharing my breakfast of cold steak from last night!

Mamacita, inches lost are better than pounds when it means sizes change. I thought of you the other day when I bought some yarn for a scarf - it's called "Fur Out" and should be an interesting knit. I may get some in black and knit an extra tail for Hersh!

Bups, your NY resolutions look great. I like the family time one - so important! Yes, life is certainly short and we need to make the most of it.

Little Chick, I hope that eye heals soon and what's with this "purge" thing? I bet you and your family will be glad when the two more shifts are over.

MsJulia, good advice re the beans for headaches. I'm glad your detox headache didn't last too long.

Ellis, my dear friend, Christmas is nearly over. The Wise Men are getting close to Bethlehem so be a Wise Woman and ditch the Christmas eating. This is the year we definitely must lose weight and quit Dicking around - or is it Janeing around?

Nally, 8-12 inches of snow? Better than ice by far but still! I can't imagine anything worse than being stuck at school in a storm, especially with kids!

After goofing off with a movie, I'd better get my *** in gear for the day. Kevin is coming late this morning to do some roof repair and the PT chick comes at 2:30 to check out Harry. Somewhere in there I need to get H. to the Library in Elgin and return my movie to the Delta Library. It's a good thing I took Hersh for bloodwork yesterday afternoon because it just wouldn't fit in today.

Have a great 11th day of Christmas - it's eleven pipers piping today - noisy buggers!
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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