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I think we're all on the same track, getting rid of all the "no-no foods". We finished the pumpkin cheesecake last night, and I'm taking a big platter of cookies to my DD's this afternoon. I know my older GD will be happy.
Well, the house has been put back to normal, and we had our pork & sauerkraut yesterday for good luck. It was warm outside, so I finally cut back my roses and tidied up the garden. It was even nice enough to open windows for a while and air out the house. Today looks gloomy and it's back to feeling like winter. Looks like I'm going to have to buy a new washing machine, mine is starting to act up during the spin cycle. Jake looked at it, but wasn't able to fix it.

Little Chick, Are you feeling better today? I enjoyed your picture, what does the tag on your shirt say?

AnchorWeight, I have the cookbook, but I never noticed that recipe, thanks for posting it!

Ruth, Enjoy your nap this afternoon! Sounds like you had a fun time yesterday with your friends.

Kryss, I'd love the recipe for soup. Any new recipe is appreciated! Good idea on making a batch of chili for the week, I think I'll do the same - I get tired of salad every day.

Mamacita, I'll match you glass for glass on the water today. Have fun playing with your wool. That cashmere and lace silk yarn sounds nice!

BroadAbroad, Bring on the lentil soup recipe. I love lentils, wonder it your recipe is similar to mine?

MsJulia, Are you grilling those chicken breasts out in the rain? Good for you! We grill out in all kinds of weather, too, even when it's snowing. I believe it makes everything taste so much better!

Hope I didn't miss anybody. I'm off to my daughter's!
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